Human Fabric Trilogy - The Haptics of Seeing I

As the world navigates the complexities of a quarantined existence, questions surrounding the performing arts and the human body are becoming increasingly relevant.

The piece questions the state of our sensory experience in a world where science has begun to quantify and deconstruct touch, asking what role contemporary art can play in this rapidly changing landscape. Are we all becoming virtualized beings, with our sensual abilities reduced to mere inputs for technological advancement?

In The Haptics of Seeing I, the work draws attention to the stark contrast between the everyday struggles of navigating a world altered by pandemic fears, and the desire for human connection. This is the contemporary hatpics experience that we are sensing.

“As someone who grew up in Yonghe, Taiwan, I understand the implications of a 1.5-meter social distancing factor all too wonderful. In a densely populated area, social distancing is a crucial act of kindness. But as you swipe through your smartphone on the street, you cannot help but feel the sense of distance it creates. The screen has become a barrier between you and the world, reducing touch to a blank, emotionless experience. No matter what you consume through it, the screen under your thumb always feels the same. What does your touch truly connect to? Who do you touch when you touch the screen?”

Amidst the conflict between our understanding and behavior in the face of economic and apocalyptic anxieties, the artist highlights the unprecedented adaptation crisis that has emerged, even before we are fully aware of it. The piece asks us to consider how we can transform our desires for contact into new forms of embodied and sensory knowledge, rather than simply becoming animals confined to the lipid layer within our skin.




Concept Director / Artist: Wang Yung An
Performance Director: Tapas Humi
Dramaturgy: Freda Fiala
Live Stream Technical Consultant: Tsai Ming
Technical Discussion and Tools Support: Gibson Chai, David Verbeek
Flower Design: Liao Bruce
Site:  FLORĀOTU 凹凸植制所,  Blueprint Culture & Creative Park, Tainan, Taiwan