Human Fabric Trilogy - The Haptics of Seeing II

In 'The Haptics of Seeing II', This work aims to create a different form of collaboration between art and science, based on sensory research, to develop a prototype for embodied practice and to discuss the possibilities of reinterpreting body-domination and ownership through the senses.

The work examines different massage techniques to address the delegated performances of individual and collective body boundaries, in the flow state between the body and the mind. The classical haptics experience should support who we are and where we are as a fundamental sensation.

The artist seeks to question the social practices developed under the hegemony of the eye, by examining the relationship between touch and vision through massage. The Cifang Care Center serves as a co-creation base, providing a temporary, intimate, and vulnerable artistic arena. Participants and the artist enter a pure state of service and being served, creating a vast spiritual space through a shared tactile experience. Through artistic expression, sensory stimulation, and bodily awareness, the work attempts to argue and re-examine touch and vision in the context of cognitive neuroscience, freely creating and weaving together memories and reality to form a different identity.

Through their participation in the same work, the participating artists engage in a dialogue that synchronizes their consciousness and emotions, playing with and revisiting many intangible life experiences between the output of creation and the input of the senses. Gradually, within the group, they construct their own cross-body aesthetic context.

Conceptual Video trailer. Full version is under requested.





Conceptual Video Crew:

Director / Artist / Actor: Wang Yung An
Editor and Producer: Tapas Humi
VFX: Tsai Ming
(Original) Music by: Bao Zeng Shi
Gaffer: So Anthony 
Photography: Huang Yi ting
Sound: Shiao Lou
Still Photographor: Chen Chang Chih
Actors:Hsaio Vivian 、Yao Yu wen、Samuel Bataille、 Lev Nachman、 Mario Armira
Participants and Collaborators:Hou Yu zhen, Tsai Wan shan, Hong Bi lian
Site: Cihfang Rehabilitation Center

Exhibition Execution:  Sandwishes Studio
VFX and Technical Support: Tsai Ming
(Original) Music by: Bao Zeng Shi 
Site: C-Lab, Taipei, Taiwan