Human Fabric Trilogy - The Haptics of Seeing III

I was very touched by what I saw"

This statement highlights the direct connection between our perception and physical experience. Do we first see and then touch, or touch before we see? Are we fully aware of what we see? How do we experience our reactions to sensory stimulation?

In The Haptics of Seeing III continues to raise questions about the tactile body in visual states such as massage and dance through the practice of the ancient touch tradition of massage, as well as the vocabulary used in cognitive neuroscience research tools and frameworks. Is our perception of the environment dominated by vision or haptic sensation? How will haptic predictions become the predominant sense in our sensory landscape?

Most of our knowledge transfer and documentation revolve around the visual body, where we receive knowledge through visual sensory receptors and comprehend it. There is a complex interweaving relationship between vision, touch, and other perception, like the existence of a "disappearing body," or the tactile body, only surfacing when we are conscious of both visual and tactile sensations at the same time. This ghost body formed by the overlapping of vision, touch, and interoceptiveness is temporarily named the "third body" by the artist.

How is this third body depicted? How is it generated? How is it expressed? How does it form between the individual life experience and the external historical social context of the subject? How does the pulse of time and space leave a unique mark on this third body? And if the third body of each existing individual is unique, how do the third bodies of different individuals interact and communicate, feeling each other's presence? Through the introduction of the visual tactile body and installations, our perceptual experience is orchestrated. By breaking down our understanding of the inherent ways of the body, this work attempts to explore the possibilities of reconstructing our perceptual space starting from touch, within the existing cognition and identity.

我所見及觸動了我 I was very touched by what I saw.




© Luo Mu Xin

Production Crew:

Artistic Concept Director: Wang Yung An
Producer: Wang Yung An
Choreography: Wu Zofie, Hsieh Ebel
Director and Music: Tapas Humi
Performance: Wang Yung An, Lin Yi Chen, Lin Pin Shuo
Dramaturgy: Freda Fiala
Vice Director& Visuals& Stage: Tsai Ming
Executive Production and front reception: Jhang Shu-Han, Peng Min
Light: Lin Han Sheng
Photography: Zito Tseng, Luo Mu Xin
Still Photography: Chen Chang Chih

Rehearsal Site: Les Petites Choses Production
Theater: Nadou Theatre

Special Thanks:
National Central University Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory